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Arch. Stanislav Lukov, architect of 2007, Second place

Prized for the project “Complex Boliarka” v. Glavatartsi.

Architect Stanislav Lukov was prized with second award “Architect of year 2007” in category “Residential construction” for his project "Complex Boliarka"- v. Glavatartsi, Municipality of Kardjali.

On the 26th of February in novotel “Plovdiv” on gala ceremony were prized “Developer of year 2007”, “Architect of year 2007”, “Construction engineer of year 2007” annual awards. This year the competition joined record number of construction companies, architects and construction engineers with projects realized in 2007. With this popularity the competition get nation-wide scale.

Members of the jury for the categories “Residential Construction” and “Non Residential Construction” were: eng. Any Voinova and arch. Tsvetana Ilieva – Municipality of Plovdiv, eng. Vlademira Chomakova – Regional directorate Construction control (RDNSK), eng. Krasimira Kostova – National Installation union (NIS), arch. Marin Bakalov – Bulgarian association of the architects and the consulting engineers (BAAIK), eng. Nikolai Nikolov – Regional science and technics union (RNTS) and eng. Petar Petrov – chairman of “Construction Real estates” Ltd.

The winners of the prize “Architect of year 2007” were selected by arch. Tsvetana Ilieva – Municipality of Plovdiv, arch. Ekaterina Genova, arch. Volodya Stojanov and arch. Velichko kurtev – Chamber of the architects in Bulgaria (KAB), arch. Marta Teodosieva –

Union of the architects in Bulgaria (SAB), arch. Marin Bakolov (BAAIK) and eng. Petar Petrov.

The prize “Construction engineer of year 2007” was awarded by jury with members: Any Voinova - Municipality of Plovdiv, eng. Emil Boychev – Chamber of the engineers in the construction planning (KIIP), eng. Nikolai Nikolov (RNTS, eng. Vlademira Chomakova (RDNSK) and eng. Petar Petrov.

The winners with projects realized in year 2007 was:

In the competition for “Architect of year 2007”, category “Residential Construction”:

- arch. Nikolai Baldjiev – Plovdiv – III award
- arch. Stanislav Lukov – Karjali – II award
- arch Dimitur Dimitrov – “Vesta Design” – Sofia - “Architect of year 2007”

In the competition category “Non Residential construction” the winners were:

- arch. Angel Zahariev and arch. Asen Milev – “A and A architects” – Sofia – III award
- “Artek Design” – Sofia II award
- arch. Atanas Panayotov, arch. Lorita Panova I arch. Iskren Manev – Sofia – Architect of the year 2007

Arch. Stanislav Lukov, year 2006 best architect prize winner.

Award for the project of multi-functional centre “Orfei” in Kardzhali.

Architect Stanislav Lukov got the Prize – “Architect of 2006” in the category “Not residential developments” for the project of multi-functional centre “Orfei” in Kardzhali.

For the 12th time the “Building and real estate” newspaper gave it’s award for vivid architectural achievements.
The award is given for projects realized in the last year.

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